m What Is Java Tea? n

Java Tea is a coffee-inspired, handmade, loose leaf tea blend made with organic teas, herbs, flavors and spices, creating a drink that emulates our favorite premium coffee beverages... but they are all made from tea; very, very healthy tea!

All of our drinks are infused with natural green tea extracts -

Giving You 2X the antioxidants!

Made of Tea

Flavors of Coffee



green tea




slippery elm bark

dark chocolate


m Meet Our Teas n

It is not just the finest ingredients, but the craft in blending. Precision and knowledge to formulate a balance for all 5 senses. Teas that embrace innovation, but love tradition. Carefully made by humans for humans. Ethically harvested. Brilliant to drink.

The Revolutionary

This is the original blend, where it all started. Made with loads of organic vanilla beans. Inspired by the Vanilla Latte.  Crafted as an homage to those who change the world for good.

The Diplomat

A charismatic ambassador of peace.  Subtle. Sweet. Inspired. The healthier Caramel Macchiato. Made with real caramel creme chunks. Incited by the few who have brought together many.

Diplomat Ingredients
The Liberator

Harvested fairly and ethically. Filled to the brim with chocolates, this is our Dark Chocolate Mocha infused tea. Motivated by those who have peacefully made a stand against injustice.

Liberator Ingredients
The Activist

Radical in every way. An Espresso style tea with an extreme boost of caffeine. For those unwilling to stay still. Do something.

Activist Ingredients

m About Us n

We make coffee-inspired teas. We are not big. We are not famous. We are simply a few humans whose passion is that other humans would connect on a level that is real.

The story of Java Tea started over 8 years ago, when the world was ruled by overpriced coffee and water-downed teas. Finding a healthy and flavorful beverage was simply challenging. I was an avid coffee drinker but constantly looking for a tea that could stand up to the challenge of “healthy-for-me” bold flavors. This is where Java Tea was born. After 5 yrs. of training under a tea guru in the art of sourcing, blending and balancing, our tea blend began to take shape.

But it was a sabbatical in Italy that birthed the nature, mission, vision and revolution of the Java Tea Company. The espresso speed of life sounds fast, but in Italy, it is a moment frozen in time, an artful appreciation, where the consumer becomes a connoisseur of life, taking in the few minutes while they enjoy their beverage - never to go, never grande. This slow down mentality was incredibly inspiring to me. Made by human hands and not one-button-push robots. Small in size but massive in flavor. Taking the time to take in the moment. This is our DNA.  Coffee-Inspired Teas, brewed in an Italian Moka Pot, hand crafted and designed for human connection.

m Our Ethos n

Change Makers - Everything about our teas is intentional. They are hand crafted and human inspired. Motivated by the culture of change and the nature of interconnection. Inspired by Social Movement. Believing that better is possible. Coffee and Tea under one revolutionary banner. So here is to the Diplomats, Liberators, Activists & Revolutionary's. Keep an eye out this year for how we look to contribute to each tea’s namesake.

Building Community - Our “Revolution” is one of Human Connection. This is the simplest ideal for Java Tea; that our community would slow down, just for a moment, and experience human connection that is authentic and real... over a Java Tea. Because it is within those intentional spaces of human connection that change happens. Together.

Singers & Speakers - Your voice matters. And you have one. We are designing something specifically for you. July is your month. Stay tuned.  

m How We Brew It n

*This process extracts the rich and bold flavors that our tea was intentionally designed for:

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Buy everything that is awesome here. Shop our handmade tea blends, tea refills or third party accessories for making the perfect cup of Java Tea.

  • The Revolutionary
  • The Diplomat
  • The Liberator
  • The Activist

m Thank You n

Our initial launch of Java Tea wouldn't have been possible without the support of those who backed us on Kickstarter. Thank you! And to see a full list of backers click here.

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How many full cups of tea will one canister make?

We like ours really really strong so it makes about 16 for us.

How does the refill recycle deal work?

To help minimize on the carbon footprint we will sell you a refill bag of any of our teas at a discounted price so you can just pour it back into your canister at home. Cheaper to ship as well, and if you order 3 or more, it’s still free!

Compared to coffee how much caffeine is in your tea?

The Revolutionary, Diplomat & Liberator all contain less than 10mg of caffeine per serving vs. a cup of coffee that contains roughly 130mg of caffeine. Even a decaffeinated cup of coffee has more caffeine than these teas. The Activist however has 150mg of caffeine per serving which is equivalent to a double espresso.

Where else can I buy your teas?

As of right now, our website is the only place to purchase our tea. We prefer it this way so that we can continue to connect one on one with you our community. If you loathe shopping online, worry not, we plan to begin in-store sales soon enough.

How long does it take to get my tea once I’ve purchased it?

We want to get it to you as soon as humanly possible. If you live on the west coast it’s about 2-4 days, middle and east coasters it can be up to a week.

Will tea stain my teeth?

If you don’t brush, I’m pretty sure everything will stain your teeth. Keep it clean.

How long will my tea stay fresh/ how should I store it?

Ideal freshness unopened will last up to 18 months and once opened roughly 6-8 months. It is highly advised to store out in the open for all to see but not in direct sunlight.

What other ways can I brew this tea besides a Moka Pot?

Here’s a few: French Press. Tea Ball. Espresso Machine. Aeropress. Drip. Cold Brewed. Clean Sock. Truthfully, this tea will taste brilliant however you brew it... but you’ve got to try it in a Moka Pot at least once.


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